A great snow… I mean show!

So we are in the final few days of rehearsal for  A CHRISTMAS CAROL and we get walloped with a 2-day snow storm!


The cast has largely been undaunted by this.  They have been showing up to rehearsal with huge energy and we have literally and figuratively been plowing through.  We have had a great time singing songs and putting together a show that captures the spirit of the Christmas Season with Dickens’ timeless tale of ghostly redemption.  It really is a lot of fun.


This is the first time we have done a major production on this scale outside of our normal  season.

While the cast features a number of seasoned professionals, the real treat is the energetic performances of the younger cast members – many of whom are making their first foray into theatre.  The youngest member of the cast is 4 the oldest is in their 70’s.  Despite the range of ages, everyone in the cast is clearly relishing in the production.   One of my favorite moments in the show is when the cast joins Tiny Tim and the Cratchits in singing ‘What Child is This’.

At the heart of this production is Bruce Chuvala- who plays Ebenezer Scrooge.  Bruce is a fixture at the Parkway Playhouse and his Scrooge is wonderful and the transformation from a Christmas-averse miser to  #1 Holiday-enthusiast is unforgettable.   I have seen actors throw themselves into a role-but Bruce has gone all out.

Bruce Chuvala and Gabriel Garland- who plays Tiny Tim in A CHRISTMAS CAROL


The guy in the red shirt is me. The little girl is actually my daughter, Hunter, who is making her Parkway Playhouse début in the children's ensemble of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. We are with Gabriel Garland and Bellami Mencis.

We are all nervous about the  show –  not  just the normal we are about to open jitters but that we will have no audience because of the fear of more bad weather.  So get the word out, and come and see the snow….


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Andrew Gall

I made some lifelong friends when I was a teenager and had many adult role models who demonstrated how to live a good life. I had no idea how good I had it as a 10 year old kid. Later, I got a lot out of high school and college as I was more curious about the world and my place in it than my teenage social life (which you can deduce as being prettty unexciting). I started two successful theatre companies. I toured the nation. I endured crushing heartbreak when my Mom died shortly after I turned 27. I had a disasterous first marriage -that ended in deep acrimony; and I am raising my two children (from the first marriage)- that now live with me and are on their way to being pretty cool in their own right. I teach for a nationally ranked 2-year college. I run one of the most energetic theatre companies in the state of North Carolina, and just this year- I married the person I have been waiting for my whole life. we are looking forward to the arrival of our first child together this coming Spring.

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