Which “Christmas Carol” Character Are You?

Truth be told, sometimes the holidays do not bring out our best selves–despite our good intentions.  So, who are you this Christmas season?

Mrs. Cratchit (Haven Jenkins)

Mrs. Fezziwig – The planner/task-master.  You are well off and things should be merry, but you get preoccupied with making the schedule work:  fit it all in, on time, and make sure everyone else does their part. However, it only takes a small token or gift to remind you of the real joy of the season.

Fred – The generous conversationalist.  You go out of your way this time of year to include everyone.  You bellow “Merry Christmas” to everyone you see, you’re the one to throw a party and invite even the most surly characters.

Mrs. Cratchit – The realist.  Sure, it’s supposed to be the time of generosity and good will, but puh-leese…you can see right through all the pretty words.  There are still spiteful, mean people out there and you’ll call spade a spade.  You’re not going to don rose colored glasses simply because someone put up a Christmas tree.

Jacob Marley – The fixer.  You can see clearly the mistakes other people are making (even though you’ve made the same ones yourself) and you’re determined to fix them.  It’s for their own good, after all!Image

Mr. Cratchit – The long-suffering, kind soul.  You may not be in the best situation, but you focus on the love of the season and figure out how to be thankful–even for things (like a terrible boss) that many would complain about.  You encourage others to feel a sense of gratitude and generosity.

Scrooge – The greedy miser.  For you, the season is a farce.  You’re only concerned about your own gain and are ready for people to leave off with all the singing and merry-making and get back to work.

Regardless of you most resemble, the whole point of A Christmas Carol is that we are all capable of transformation.  If Scrooge can change, surely we too can become better versions of ourselves–more kind, more generous, more concerned about the welfare of others.  (Check back in a day or so for “5 Ways to Lose Your Scrooge.”)

Until then, if you need something to cheer your spirits, check out this video clip.  Only three people in the cast actually get to say the most famous lines on stage, so several cast members decided to give it a whirl themselves.  Enjoy!

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One thought on “Which “Christmas Carol” Character Are You?”

  1. Actually, I think I’m the Spirit of Christmas Past: I preoccupy myself (and others) with wistful reminiscences of holidays from long ago, when–in the rose-hue of memory–times were simpler and sweeter. I have of course forgotten that things were just as complicated then as they are now (in different ways) and I was just as poor–or poorer!

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