5 Ways to Lose Your Scrooge

Scrooge is transformed by his experiences thereby demonstrating it is possible for anyone to change their concerns “from money to men” — or to paraphrase — from material wealth to the greater good for all.  So what did Scrooge experience that we too could consider to transform ourselves?

1 – Spend Time with Family – The Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge back to see his beloved sister and remember the joy of going home to be with his family.  Just seeing her again begins to crack his rough exterior.

2 – Remember Past Loves and Losses – Scrooge also is taken to see his ex-fiancee Belle.  He remembers the love he felt for her and regrets that he did not pursue it when he still had the chance.

3 – Go to a PARTY – Scrooge visits an old Christmas Party in Fezziwig’s warehouse and remembers the happiness he and all the revelers felt. The Ghost of Christmas Present also takes Scrooge to the party at his nephew Fred’s house.  In both of these scenes, he is reminded of fun!  (Sometime we just need to let ourselves get caught up in the good cheer of others.)

4 – Consider the Future – The Ghost of Christmas Future shows Scrooge a pretty grim outlook if he continues as he does.  Perhaps we too should consider the end results of our lives if we continue as we are now…

5 – Consider Those Less Fortunate – Scrooge is confronted with images of families barely making ends meet — primarily the Cratchits and impending death of Tiny Tim.  It is thoughts of their misfortune that complete the transformation and push him into action, because he realizes that their situation is entirely preventable.  It is very easy to get caught up in our own lives, and a moment or two to put ourselves in another’s shoes can really give us another perspective.

So, come this weekend to see A Christmas Carol and be reminded of Dickens’ recipe for change.

We’d also like to point out that seeing a performance is like going to a party (#2) and it is easily something you could do with family (#1).

Until then, we’ll leave you with our Scroogy video.


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