The King & I Actor Spotlight – Janice Powell

0717141333Q: Why did you audition for The King & I?

JP: I have wanted to do community theater
for a while, so when my son needed to try out for a drama project, I took a chance and
auditioned as well.

Q: What shows might people have seen you in before?

JP: The Seven Brides of Dracula, F.A.U.G.H., True Grits (an original play written by Robert Drake as a spoof/spiritual lesson of True Grit), also a performance of my own original monologue of the life of Rahab.

Q: What is a typical day like for you?

JP: I am a stay at home mom of 3 wonderful (and rambunctious) boys, two of which are also in this play! I stay rather busy trying to keep the house intact and get them to their youth group meetings, camps, and sports activities as well as keeping up with their schoolwork (not necessarily in that order).

Q: Have you met new friends in the cast?

JP: I feel I am beginning to make some new friends. Hopefully we will become closer and hang out more after the play.

Q: What has been your favorite moment from rehearsals?

JP: Seeing how much fun we can have while getting to know one another and still making sure the play is the best it can be. Multitasking at it’s best!

Q: What is your favorite song from the show?

JP: The Small House of Uncle Thomas, because the dance and song are so full of energy and fun. Also, Anna’s
“Shall I tell you what I think of you?” She does it so well and makes the humor come out to perfection.

Q: Are there people in your life who have never seen you on stage?

JP: Yes, my best friend Christina, but I don’t know that I could surprise her with anything, she knows me too well.

Q: At what age did you first know you wanted to act?

JP: Very young, I’ve been full of drama since birth!

Q: What’s the #1 reason someone should see this show?

JP: It is always fun to see new “takes” on a classic. Andrew and Mary-Catherine have done a wonderful job of making it their own.

Q: If you could appear onstage with any classic actor or actress, who would it be and why?

JP: Katherine Hepburn, Her energy is so catching!

Q: What is it like to work on a Rogers and Hammerstein production?

JP: Amazing, and so much fun, I like being “on the inside”.

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