Guys & Dolls Jr Actor Spotlight – Elijah Briggs as Nicely Nicely Johnson

photo by Rob Storrs
photo by Rob Storrs

Q: What has been your favorite part of being in this cast?

EB: Creating the setting and developing my character – his mannerisms and how he would talk, walk or react.

Q: Who are your favorite characters in Guys & Dolls, Jr.?

EB: The hot box dancers, because they makes the scenes louder and more alive.

Q: How many shows have you been cast in to date?

EB: Around 9 shows.

Q: What other shows might people recognize you from?

EB: Most recently I was Jim Hawkins in Parkway Playhouse’s Mainstage Production of Treasure Island, and I was Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka Jr. and Mushu, the dragon, in Mulan Jr.

Q: What have you learned about yourself since participating in the Parkway Playhouse Junior program?

EB: I love to act, and I enjoy being around funny & interesting people. Lots of those are at Parkway Junior.

Q: What is your favorite musical?

EB: Newsies. It’s so energetic. It makes you feel young and happy.

Q: What is it like working with the Parkway Playhouse Junior instructors, directors and/or staff?

EB: I always feel supported at Parkway Playhouse. Every day, they teach me something new about my character and how I can improve.

Q: How has this show been different from previous theatrical experiences you’ve had?

EB: There’s more choreography, more songs, and more humor than any other play I’ve performed in.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge so far while rehearsing this show?

EB: This is the first time I’ve had so many songs to perform, and I’ve really worked hard to get them right.

Q: Why do you think folks should come and see this production of Guys & Dolls, Jr.?

EB: Come on… gamblers, hot box dancers, comedy and singing? It’s gonna be fun.

Q: Are you excited about the 2015 Junior Theater Festival?

EB: Yes, I’m super pumped!¬† My experience last year was phenomenal, and I had so many opportunities which came from it. Also, I really enjoy becoming closer with my cast and making new friends.

Q: What is your favorite song from the show?

EB: Adelaide’s Lament, because her thick New York accent makes me laugh.

Q: Is there anything else you think people should know about Parkway Playhouse Junior or Guys & Dolls Jr.?

EB: It’s always a fun experience. Every time.

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