All Shook Up Actor Spotlight: Robby Taylor (CHAD)

Robby Taylor is Chad

Q – Why did you audition for All Shook Up?
A – Dominic Aquillino is my voice teacher at ETSU as well as being a regular performer here on the Parkway stage. He told me about the theatre and strongly suggested I audition, and I have never been more happy to take someone’s advice.
Q – What shows might people have seen you in before?
A – Most recently I played Will Parker in ETSU’s production of Oklahoma! I was quite active back in TN at the Oak Ridge Playhouse when I was in high school, some of my favorite roles there include Benjamin in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Emperor Max in Emperor’s New Clothes and the Crocodile in Peter Pan, which was the first time I was on that stage.
Q – What is a typical day like for you?
A – Right now I work as an intern here at Parkway Playhouse. For most of this summer my day has consisted of constructing/deconstructing sets from 9-5, then after an hour dinner break, I go to rehearsal until 9:30 or 10:00. I go to school at East Tennessee State University, where I am studying Theatre and minoring in Music. I am a member of two ensembles, the ETSU Chorale as well as the Bucksworth Mens Choir.
Q – What has been your favorite moment from rehearsal thus far?
A – Thus far I am at a tie between singing the “Teddy Bear/Hound Dog” mashup and singing “Don’t be Cruel”. I definitely enjoy working with other actors/musicians a lot more than singing by myself. Even at the early stages of rehearsal for these songs we are able to just relax and have fun!
Q – How have you prepared for your character?
A – Currently I am still majorly in the process of development for my character. Its important to remember that Chad is not Elvis himself but merely someone from the same era; perhaps more likened to The Fonz or a James Deam character. My strategy for the moment is watching lots of Happy Days and Elvis clips to create my own version of “1950s cool.”
Q – What’s the #1 reason someone should see this show?
A – It gives a lot of bang for your buck. We are only two weeks into the rehearsal process and I can already guaranty that you will be gasping for breath between laughs and will leave with a smile on your face.

Come see Robby and the rest of the cast of All Shook Up July 25th-August 8th!

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