All Shook Up Actor Spotlight: Myra McCoury (NATALIE)

Myra McCoury is Natalie

Q – What shows might people have seen you in before?

A – In 2013 I starred as Peter Pan in Parkway Playhouse’s production. Last summer, I played Tuptim in The King and I. Aside from acting at the playhouse, audiences from Avery County might remember me as The Queen of Heart in Alice in Wonderland, Gertie Cummings in Oklahoma!, and Peter in Peter Pan.

Q – What is a typical day like for you?

A – During the school year I attend Appalachian State University where I am majoring in English, Secondary Education with a Theatre minor. While I will be finishing up my undergraduate work this coming year, I will also be continuing an Accelerated Masters program to obtain my MA in English. Each school day for me is fairly busy with homework and studying; however, one or two afternoons a week I travel to Avery High School to assist in choreography for their musical productions.

Q – What has been your favorite moment from rehearsal thus far?

A – Every moment Roberta Whiteside sings.

Q – How have you prepared for your character? Did you base your character on someone else?

The character of Natalie can be described in one word: awkward. Thankfully, in real life, I have achieved supreme awkwardness a long time ago, so I basically just channel that. If anyone has ever seen the Steve Martin Christmas film, Mixed Nuts, I also take inspiration from Rita Wilson’s character. She does a lot of  fawning over Steve Martin’s character while he completely ignores her.

Q – How is All Shook Up different from other musicals?

A – All Shook Up is not your typical Rogers and Hammerstein musical. In this show, no one likes the person they should like, so we have crazy bits and schemes like character cross dressing.

Q – If you got to hang out with Elvis Presley for a day, where would you take him and what would you talk about?

A – If I could hang out with Elvis for a day, I would probably take him to see this show. It’s going to be that good.

Q – What’s the #1 reason someone should see this show?

A – Everyone should see this show because it’s all around entertainment. Audiences members can laugh their socks off while enjoying blasts from the past with all 20 something Elvis songs included in the show.

Come see Myra and the rest of the cast of All Shook Up July 25th-August 8th!

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Parkway Playhouse, located in the Appalachian town of Burnsville, NC, is a haven of theatre talent. While people come to the mountains to get away, Parkway Playhouse is a natural gathering place to connect. Likewise, we are an extension of traditional mountain talents: singing, dancing, and, foremost, storytelling. By giving rise to energetic new voices and through a wide variety of plays and musicals, we invite our audience into experiences that are thought-provoking, adventurous, and entertaining. Together we reimagine the world in every live performance, creating dynamic conversations that last far beyond the curtain call. This blog is will feature stories, helpful information, insight and features about the performances.

One thought on “All Shook Up Actor Spotlight: Myra McCoury (NATALIE)”

  1. Myra McCoury! My student! Congratulations, Myra, I so wish I could see you! Break legs–Derek Davidson from ASU.

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