All Shook Up Actor Spotlight: Mary Katherine Smith-Gall (MISS SANDRA)

Mary Katherine Smith-Gall is Miss Sandra
Photo by Rob Storrs. Copyright 2014 Rob Storrs.

Q – Why did you audition for All Shook Up?

A – I auditioned for All Shook Up because I was DYING to do another musical! Last year, I choreographed both musicals so I didn’t get to be in one… And what better after a year off than a musical featuring Elvis music!

Q – What is a typical day like for you?

A – I work as the Director of Education for the theatre where I spend most of my time either teaching class/camps, planning classes/camps, choreographing, directing, coaching students, registering students for classes, responding to emails, etc… I also do most of the social media you see for Parkway Playhouse and Parkway Playhouse Junior, and I’m a mother of 3 wonderful children who keep me very busy… And lots of other things… I stay pretty busy!

Q – What has been your favorite moment from rehearsal thus far?

A- I couldn’t possibly choose just one moment, there are so many! To name a few, when I first read the script and found out that my character gets to sing “Hound Dog”… I got really excited! I have loved rehearsing and singing that number with Robby, Myra, and Bobby every single time! Another moment was when I turned around onstage and Myra was in her “Ed” costume for the first time… It took me off guard and I started laughing because she looks so funny! I also loved every moment from choreography rehearsals with Ami… She is just brilliant and I have really missed working with her and was so happy to have the opportunity again this summer! This whole cast has been so much fun to work with and everyone has been so supportive and complimentary of each other. I have seen more actors and crew stop whatever they’re doing to help their fellow cast member with a quick change or a hair problem, taping mics, moving sets… Anything! It’s so refreshing to perform with a cast where you feel so much support and mutual admiration.

Q – What is your favorite line from the show? 

A – “Quote Shakespeare and peel me like a banana!”

Q – What’s the #1 reason someone should see this show?

A – To laugh and have fun! If you aren’t a fan of laughing and having fun, then this show is not for you… But otherwise, it’s a BLAST! Come sing some Elvis with us!!

Q – Anything else that you’d like people to know?

A – When I was in 3rd grade, I was in a school Christmas play where Santa and Mrs. Claus ran out of money for Christmas, so to save Christmas, they went to Branson, MO to put on a country western show and I was in the “Elvis Ensemble”. I still remember most of the words… “My name is Elvis lemme make that clear. I am the King, that means the top dude here. My hair’s slicked back I’m looking cool tonight. I’m shaking my body now with all my might. Now let me sing and spread some holiday cheer, and oh, yeah, a Happy New Year! Uh-huh, uh-huh, oh yeah, oh yeah, uh-huh….” I also performed as a dancer in an Elvis medley with my dance company behind a singer impersonating Elvis when I was a teenager and it was one of my favorite shows that we did. I have also LOVED every Elvis movie I’ve ever seen and I’m pretty sure, if I had been around in the 50s, I would have been one of his groupies…

Come see Mary Katherine and the rest of the cast of All Shook Up July 25th-August 8th!

CLICK HERE to buy tickets now!

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