Steel Magnolias Actor Spotlight: Myra McCoury (Annelle)

Myra McCoury is Natalie

Q – Why did you decide to audition for Steel Magnolias at Parkway Playhouse this season? 

A – I auditioned for Steel Magnoliasbecause it has been a favorite of mine for a long time due the hilarious, dynamic, and familiar characters. The first time I ever watched the film I remember feeling like I knew every character, especially the six main women on which the plot focuses, because they reminded me so much of my three aunts from Bakersville, NC. Truvy, Ousier, Clairee, Shelby, Annelle, and MLynn have always seemed like family. For years I have been awaited the opportunity to be part of this familyon stage, and after becoming aware of the Parkway Playhouse cast, I knew the familial, sisterhood relationship would easily be brought to life.

Q – What shows might people have seen you in before?

A – In 2013 I starred as Peter Pan in Parkway Playhouses production of Peter Pan.I may also be remembered by Parkway audiences for my performances in The Mystery of Edwin Drood,” “The King and I,and All Shook Up.”  In addition to my performances at the playhouse, I, for many years, danced in the the High County Youth Ballets production of The Nutcracker; In 2010, I danced the leading role of Clara.

Q – Describe a day in the life of Myra McCoury? 

A – I am currently student teaching at Mitchell High School in Ledger, NC. During the second week showings of Steel Magnolias,I will be graduating Appalachian State University with a Bachelors degree in English, Secondary Education and a minor in Theater Arts. When I am not teaching at Mitchell during the day, I am volunteering at Avery High School, choreographing the Drama departments musical productions. Aside from these activities, I enjoy binge watching old movies, reading almost anything by Flannery OConner, and being with friends from wide age-ranges.


Q – What is your favorite line from the show? 

A – My favorite line, belonging to Truvy and stated in Act II, scene ii: Dont be silly. Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.For me, this line is the cornerstone of the play; its what makes the tragedy of Shelbys death bearable. These women are such great friends because of their ability to balance sorrow and tears with genuine laughter and joy.

Q – Do you have an interesting experience that happened in a beauty shop in your lifetime that you’d like to share?

A – My Aunt Judy has owned the town beauty salon in Bakersville, NC for years, and when I was young, my dad always took me there with him to have his hair cut. While my dad and my aunt jawed about something to do with their childhood, I would go play in the downstairs section of the shop. The only thing mildly fascinating downstairs was an old, inoperative tanning bed. I remember countless instances of inspecting the bed, but being way to chicken to actual open it. One day I finally got the gumption to open it and get in, even though, mind you, it was completely defective. After minutes of lying there feeling so cool, I noticed the hood of the bed had locked. I screamed for a few minutes until my dad came down and got me out. To this day, I recoil at the sight of a tanning bed, which with my ultra sensitive skin, makes me, more than likely, better off.

Q –  Whats the #1 reason someone should see this production?

A – You should see this production for its authentic, lovable characters. You will most certainly laugh, and more than likely cry, and by the end of the show you will feel like you know each female character personally.  

Q – Anything else that you’d like people to know?

A – Working with each of the talented ladies in this cast has been phenomenal, and I cannot wait to share the stage with them in the future.

Come see Myra and the rest of the cast of Steel Magnolias May 7th-21st at Parkway Playhouse for the opening of our 70th Anniversary Season!

CLICK HERE to buy tickets now!

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