Little Shop of Horrors to Open July 2nd


Parkway Playhouse’s 2016 Season continues with Little Shop of Horrors.  A 50’s era doo-wop musical that spoofs classic 1950’s era science fiction and horror b-movies. The musical follows the life of Seymour Krelborn, a floral assistant on Skid Row, who purchases an exotic plant with a mysterious need for human flesh. As Seymour seeks the affection of his lovely coworker, Audrey, he also battles for control over his increasingly bloodthirsty plant, Audrey II-named for the object of his unrequited affections. The plant quickly grows beyond what Krelborn imagined and turns into a bad mannered, R&B singing, carnivore. Audrey II gives greedy Krelborn his 15 minutes of fame, but he soon realizes he bit off more than he could chew.


The production opens on July 2, and runs through July 16.  With performances at 7:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 3:00pm on Sundays. There will be an opening night celebration with the cast and creative team of the show following the performance on July 2.  Following the Sunday afternoon performances on July 3 and July 10, there will be a post show discussion with the cast.


Little Shop of Horrors was the third longest running musical on Broadway in the 1980s. Music is by composer Alan Menken  (composer for numerous Disney films, including The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and more)  and script by the late Howard Ashman. The music includes several well-known tunes —”Somewhere That’s Green,” and “Suddenly, Seymour.” In 1986, Warner Brothers produced a film version directed by Frank Oz, long standing collaborator with the late Jim Henson and the puppeteer who created Miss Piggy for the Muppets and Yoda, for the Star Wars  series of films.  


Parkway Playhouse’s production is being directed by Jenny Pearson Martin, a frequent Parkway Playhouse collaborator.  Myra McCoury is serving as the production’s choreographer and Roberta Whiteside, is overseeing the music as well as appearing in the production.  The cast includes real-life couple Mike Yow and Karen Covington-Yow as Seymor and Audrey.  Also in the cast are  Graham Livengood, Marvin King, Strother Stingley, Sarahanne Smith, and Kristen Livengood.  The Audrey II plant effects were created  by Stacey Lane and Kerstin Davis of Penland School of Crafts, as well as Parkway Playhouse’s long serving properties master, Haven Jenkins.

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