Actor Spotlight by Steve Elderbrock’s Mom

Because On Golden Pond opens Mother’s Day weekend, we continue the actor profiles in which a few of the actors’ mothers shine a spotlight on their children’s acting careers.  Virginia Elderbrock gives us a sneak peak at Steve’s life-long love of the stage.

“The first play I really remember that Steve was in was Damn Yankees  his sophomore year at Findlay High school in Findlay, Ohio, but I know he had been in lots of plays before that.”

“When he was about six we took him to see the his first musical at Findlay High School.  It was Fiddler on the Roof, and for days after he saw it he was doing all the dances on the coffee table in our family room.  From that time onward his greatest desire was to star in one of the Findlay High School musicals.”


“His sophomore year (Findlay was a 3-years high school in those days), he auditioned for the part of Applegate (the devil) in Damn Yankees, and was thrilled when he got it! I remember that I picked him up after school the day the cast was posted, and he came literally “floating” out of the building.  We went to all of the performances and his singing and dancing brought down the house at each one. That is probably the role I have most enjoyed seeing him play because I knew how long he had waited for that moment.”

steve guys dolls
Steve as Nathan Detroit in Guys & Dolls his senior year of high school.

Steve continues to challenge himself as an actor: On Golden Pond marks the first time he has played two roles in a single play.  And if you’d also like to play two roles (as an audience member and a party-goer) make plans to attend our Opening Night Performance… which is always followed by the Opening Night Party!  Click here to purchase tickets.

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