Spotlight on Alesa Bryant by her children!

alesa 1We started this series of Actor Spotlights with some of the actors’ moms writing about their actor-children… so we thought it was fitting to end with Alesa’s children reflecting on her life in theatre. (In regards to the themes in On Golden Pond, it also seemed apt.)

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Alesa, who plays Ethel Thayer (no we don’t have a lisp), listened to hours of  language/dialect tapes to prepare for role , but did not (for the record) watch the film.

PP: What was the first role you remember you mother playing and what was your reaction?

Aden: My favorite of her roles, not the first I remember, is Miss Watson in Big River, she had to sing in one the songs in the beginning. I loved it, and it is one of my fondest memories.

PP: What was the time/role you felt proudest of your mother?

Emery:  I’ve always been proud of my Mom. I was proud of her when she was a director, when she was a teacher and now I’m proud of her as a performer. I’ve never been more proud to call “Mrs. BL” my Mama than when she directed plays that challenged young adults, and the town of Burnsville, to appreciate the art of theater on a totally different level. Specific examples include The Laramie Project and His Eyes Are Bland– a compilation of borrowed and adapted monologues that depicted the agonizing beauty of human nature. I remember her changing the lives of students by introducing them to theater and pushing them to attain a sense of empathy by not just pretending to be their characters, but by truly becoming those characters and learning from them. My mother helped young adults find their way through adolescence by exposing them to the world of theater. Now, it’s finally her turn to be on stage. I couldn’t be more proud!

alesa 2Sidney:  I think the most proud that I have been of mom is when I hear people talking (after the show or at intermission) about how good she is in her role.  I think that it means a lot more to hear people compliment her when those people don’t know her outside of her role–and it happens all the time! I am also very proud of everything that mom has done in the capacity of a director when she was teaching theatre at the high school level.  She won multiple awards and made Mountain Heritage one of the premier high school drama programs in the state. She is truly great at everything that she does! Love you mom!

To show your love of Alesa’s work, make plans and get tickets in advance — online or by calling 828.682.4285.

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One thought on “Spotlight on Alesa Bryant by her children!”

  1. Alesa, you have clearly left your mark again with, “On Golden Pond.” My family came from Asheville last week-end and we enjoyed it together. The entire cast, set, and direction of the show impressed us all. Although your portrayal of Ethel is very significant, the impact you have had on the lives of students through the years is profound. Thank you for the contribution you made to Matt’s life.

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