Actor Spotlight: Mike Yow

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Mike Yow, right, is spotted lurking about a lamp post. Unless he spotted you first.

Mike Yow returns to the Parkway Stage!

PP: So, what have you been up to since we’ve seen you last (in Little Shop of Horrors)?
Mike: More theatre, of course, as well as some occasional film and television work (minor stuff, mostly). I’ve since been cast in a popular web-series shot on location in Asheville (its called When Fact Met Fiction), and just after ‘Little Shop’ I’ve appeared in Into The Woods at HART Theatre, All My Sons (also at HART), Snowbound (at Asheville Community Theatre), and just recently in Peter & The Starcatcher in a collaboration between ACT and UNCA. Oh, and moving – to new house in East Asheville!


PP: Nice!  Last summer you were in a musical here and this summer, a straight play… Do you have a preference?


Mike:  Also the tough question, this one. Well, to shoot relatively straight, my answer used to be “straight plays!” without the slightest quiver of a doubt, but over the past several years, I’ve developed quite a love (and maybe even some general skill) for musicals. So, I’d have to say, they’re both equally awesome. (Yeah, I know. It’s like a tie in football – nobody’s happy with the outcome.)


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PP: We’re so excited to have you back for The 39 Steps!  What do you like about acting at Parkway Playhouse?


Mike: I love the summer-stock feel to the theatre, which is a historical landmark in and of itself. I also feel that Parkway Playhouse board and artistic directors tend to make excellent choices of plays and musicals for their seasons. Furthermore, as an actor and general performer, I’m often given a goodly amount of artistic freedom when making character choices, and they’re generally quite open to my ideas and input as a collaborator.


PP: Lots of quick-changes in this show–do you have a favorite costume piece?


Mike:  I’d imagine the kilt will be the most comfortable (and I still have great legs too!).
If you want to see Mike in the kilt, you’ll just have to come see the show!


PP: While there are many “characters” in this show, it’s actually a small cast. What do you like about working with a small cast?


Mike:  Though I’ve certainly had my share of work with large casts, I actually prefer small to medium sized casts. This gives a better chance of bonding and integrating with each other, not only on-stage but off, which yields more trust and chemistry on-stage, things that are actually difficult to fake – even with brilliant actors – if it isn’t truly there in the first place. Also, less chance that someone’s in the dressing room bathrooms at intermission.


PP: We’re really looking forward to opening weekend!

If you’re lucky enough to be able to come to opening night (Saturday, June 10 at 7:30 pm), join us for the after-show reception (party). The 39 Steps runs three weekends, closing on June 24.

Call 828.682.4285 or CLICK HERE to purchase tickets!


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Parkway Playhouse, located in the Appalachian town of Burnsville, NC, is a haven of theatre talent. While people come to the mountains to get away, Parkway Playhouse is a natural gathering place to connect. Likewise, we are an extension of traditional mountain talents: singing, dancing, and, foremost, storytelling. By giving rise to energetic new voices and through a wide variety of plays and musicals, we invite our audience into experiences that are thought-provoking, adventurous, and entertaining. Together we reimagine the world in every live performance, creating dynamic conversations that last far beyond the curtain call. This blog is will feature stories, helpful information, insight and features about the performances.

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