Spotlight on Levi Bradford

The irony here is that Levi Bradford is in charge of the REAL spotlights! Additionally, he’s been cast as Cowboy Bob in Footloose.

Levi Bradford

PP: Do you have a favorite scene or song in Footloose? Why is it your favorite?

Levi: My favorite song in this show is by far Mama Says which is sung by Willard (Hunter Taylor) in the second act. It is a very comedic song so obviously it’s super funny already but when you add in the choreography and the actors, it just makes it hysterical! I think that it will be an audience favorite for sure!

PP: We often ask the Parkway Playhouse Junior performers if they’ve made any new friends during rehearsals, but the same would go for you–especially in a large-cast musical. So, have you made any new friends?

Levi: I’ve been at Parkway for a while now so I’ve worked with just about everyone in this show at least once before but there are a few new people who I have loved to get to know! This show has really helped me to make new friends and get closer to the people I already knew. This cast has been so much fun!

PP: You’re taking a lot of classes at ETSU in theatre tech… How has that influenced your summer at Parkway Playhouse?

Levi: I’ve been working with lighting specifically for right at three years now but being at ETSU for the last year has taught me so much that I didn’t know. It has completely changed how I prepare and execute the lighting for a show. I learned about the proper steps you need to take in planning out where every thing needs to be along with how to properly document the process so that if something isn’t working, it can easily be found and fixed. Also, I learned more about the aesthetics of lighting design such as how the direction the light is coming from can enhance what the actor is saying. Needless to say, I am very excited to get back to ETSU to see what else I can learn in the next year!


Q:  What lighting work have you been the most pleased with this season? Why?

A: Thus far my favorite shows to design this summer has definitely been the musicals. With most plays, you have to stay pretty realistic (ex. if there is a window to the “outside”, there needs to be light coming through it) but with musicals, the lighting can much more expressionistic! You’re allowed to throw in colors without having to justify the reasoning and have stranger lighting because it is used to enhance whatever is going on in the current scene. Musicals overall are definitely more difficult to light but also, less restrictive!
Made in America 3 web
Lighting to Add Drama, by Levi.
bonnie solo web
How to light up a star.

We know nothing would light up Levi’s face more that performing to a full house, so get your tickets  by calling  (828) 682-4285 or purchasing them online HERE.


Please note, if you are coming OPENING NIGHT, the Mt. Mitchell Craft Fair will make it difficult to get to the theatre.  Check out these alternate routes to make your life easier.


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Parkway Playhouse, located in the Appalachian town of Burnsville, NC, is a haven of theatre talent. While people come to the mountains to get away, Parkway Playhouse is a natural gathering place to connect. Likewise, we are an extension of traditional mountain talents: singing, dancing, and, foremost, storytelling. By giving rise to energetic new voices and through a wide variety of plays and musicals, we invite our audience into experiences that are thought-provoking, adventurous, and entertaining. Together we reimagine the world in every live performance, creating dynamic conversations that last far beyond the curtain call. This blog is will feature stories, helpful information, insight and features about the performances.

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