Actor Spotlight: Graham Livengood

If ever there was an actor to answer the spotlight questions unpredictably… it’s Graham.

grahamGraham Livengood (center) in the oh-so-serious photoshoot by Meandering Photography

PP:  We suspect that watching rehearsals (and “outtakes”) might be as entertaining as the final product. Are you able keep straight faces?

Graham: No, not even a little bit. It’s been so much fun working with two really funny guys and a very funny director. We’ve been able to play a lot with this show, so straight faces lets you know your scene needs more work.

PP:  Best rehearsal moment?

Graham:  See above. We didn’t have a single rehearsal that wasn’t stopped for some giggles.

PP:  You have to play countless roles in this play, but you also have a character “type” if you will… What is your stage character like?

Graham:  A friend who has done this show a few times broke down the three characters: the one who knows Shakespeare, the one that dies, and the one who wears all the dresses. I’m the one who dies. And my character is excited, but clueless.

PP:  What is your dream Shakespeare role?

Graham: Audience member. Unless it’s translated into contemporary English–them words is hard.

PP:  Do you have a favorite Shakespeare play?

Graham:  My favorite would be Twelfth Night. I think it’s one of the few comedies that’s actually funny and it’s made for some really great adaptations. Seriously, “She’s the Man” is way better than you think.

PP:  So, how would you characterize your “relationship” with Shakespeare?

Graham:  I’d say my relationship with Shakespeare is complicated. I still love him, but we’ve really grown apart as time has gone on.

PP:  What color tights do you wear? Did you get to pick them yourself? Any codpieces?

Graham:  I’m in blue shorts and green tights. Fun fact about cod pieces (which had just fallen out fashion as Shakespeare became known): the stuffing that went into a codpiece was called bombast.

PP:  We understand there is a fair amount of improv in the show?  Is that a stretch for you?

Graham:  I may or may not have done some improv before. A little bit.

PP:  Do you think this play makes Shakespeare roll over in his grave?

This question assumes that Shakespeare is, in fact, dead. I think that’s just a little bit presumptuous.

PP:  Do you have a favorite prop?

Graham:  My hat for the nurse in Romeo and Juliet is very close to my heart. It reminds me of a favorite movie from my childhood. See if you can figure out which one when you see the show.

PP:  You’ve gotten a new job (in Yancey County!) and had a kid (!) since the last time you appeared on stage here… How have those changes affected rehearsals?

Graham:  I also bought a house. Adulting is hard. But somehow I have time to write and direct “Murder in the Moonshine” a murder mystery experience to benefit Parkway Playhouse at the NuWray Inn. Get tickets from the Nu Wray for late October, we’ve sold out for the past two years. 2018 Murder Mystery Moonshine square

See you at a Parkway Playhouse event soon!

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