Was it Mrs. Boyle (Rose Ray) with the glass bottle?

One of the special mysteries of The Mousetrap is that no one, ever, is supposed to write about the ending… but it sure is fun to speculate about who the killer might be.

Steve and Rose web
Detective Trotter never knows what’s going to be on the other side of the door…

PP: Tell us a little bit about your character in The Mousetrap

Rose:  My character is Mrs. Boyle. I am aristocratic and spoiled. I am really not a very nice person and am very negative. By the end of this play, I should have added more wrinkles to my real face because I am always scowling! Drat, I really don’t need more wrinkles. . .

PP:  What challenges have you faced in this production?

Rose: This is the biggest role that I have ever played. It has been hard learning all the lines. I know my lines; however, I know MY lines. It is hard for me to insert MY lines in with the other’s lines because I don’t know their lines! I am visual and can see MY lines on the written page. I also need to be audible so I can hear where I am to speak. Oh, well . . . Parkway Players is really looking good to me right now! Kristy Sutton told me how she does it. I will have to try her method and who knows? I may be on to something!

For those of us who know Rose, know that if anyone is ready to conquer a challenge it’s HER. 

Call 828.682.4285 or purchase tickets online HERE.

And if you’re in the mood for MORE MURDER MYSTERY where you get to play the detective…

Kill Me Tender fb event and banner

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Kill Me Tender: a murder mystery dinner theatre event at the NuWray Inn

It’s that time of year… Murder Mysteries are in the air. The next mainstage show is Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap and we’ve also got this pre-meditated event…

Kill Me Tender poster

All hail the king in this interactive, comedic murder mystery. Your voice matters and YOU solve the case! Since YOU find the killer, there is a different ending each night.

The premise of the evening is… The Burnsville Historical Society’s annual meeting in which members hold a seance to try to communicate with Elvis Presley. Not everyone in the society is happy with the idea of a having a seance, and some people just don’t respect The King. Once the gathering is underway, it’s clear there are more than just spirits at work when a society member is murdered! It’s up to you and the other guests to unravel the mystery before anyone else leaves the building.

Reserve your place now… for justice!

We recommend calling early… In previous years, shows have sold out days from the announcement.  Please note, reservations are handled through The NuWray Inn — (828) 682-2329

Kill Me Tender fb event and banner

Also note that the NuWray Inn has a special overnight package for those traveling from out of town… $250 plus tax which includes 1 night overnight accommodations, 2 tickets to the Murder Mystery Dinner, one bottle of wine, 2 NuWray Inn wine glasses, and 1 NuWray Inn postcard.

Up next at Parkway Playhouse:MOUSETRAP BANNER

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from the director, Jeff Messer

     The Mousetrap is probably a lot more important than many people may think. It has run for 65 years consecutively in the UK, which is no small feat. Audiences may find a lot of familiar things as they watch the show. For one, the popular board game and cult classic movie, “Clue,” contains so many elements from this show that it was impossible not to acknowledge them.
     We have a house full of suspects, who are all quite colorful.
Cast Killin It web
     Rather than try and avoid the obvious comparisons, I decided to fully embrace it. There’s a lot of Clue-like elements in the cast of characters, as well as the moments of humor. The goal is to make everyone look suspicious to the audience, but also serve the end results for the characters in a way that makes sense, doesn’t give anything away, and lends itself to a repeat viewing for the audience. In fact, it is my hope that, if an audience member came back a second time – knowing the end results – they would see a different play all together. So, we have to be true to that.
     If you come back, you will notice a lot of difference in the performances of characters like Major Metcalf, Miss Casewell, Giles Ralston or Detective Trotter. It was there all along, but you won’t see it unless you see the show twice. We really have to thread that needle carefully.
     It is quite fun to work with Graham Livengood again. We worked together a lot back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. And this is the first time I’ve gotten to direct Doug Shaw and Rob Storrs, who are good friends besides being a delight to work with.
     The most fun for me is to inspire and coax performances out of a talented group of people who are willing to jump on board with my concept for a show that is a real classic. Of course, people might expect this show to be very proper and British, with a decided Masterpiece Theatre vibe. But instead, we’re finding the humor and taking it down a fresh path that I think will surprise audiences as much as it thrills them.

So, if you’re looking forward to this Murder Mystery as much as we are, you’ll want to be sure to get your tickets!

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Call for Board of Director Nominations

Parkway Playhouse, whose mission is to inspire, educate, and entertain everyone in the community by providing quality sustainable theater opportunities, is accepting nominations to its Board of Directors for terms that will begin in January 2018.

DSC_0696Parkway Playhouse board service requires individuals who are passionate about the arts in general and Parkway Playhouse in particular.  Service on this non-profit board is for those volunteers who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work to help take Parkway Playhouse to the next level; a  level that will lead to larger attendances, increased opportunities for the young people in our region, and outreach programs which will impact the members of our community.  

Membership on the board brings many benefits.  Foremost, it brings the satisfaction of seeing the results of your work inside the theatre and within the community.  There are a wide range of committees on which board members serve — fundraising, marketing, building & grounds, finance, and more.  There are leadership positions available within the committees and on the board.  

Board members spend at least five hours per month attending board and committee meetings and working on board related tasks.  Board members are expected to volunteer at Parkway Playhouse events, serve as ambassadors for Parkway Playhouse within the community, and make personal contributions to the board and the Playhouse.

Once approved, board members serve an initial term of one year.  After that, upon approval by the board and with the member’s consent, members may serve a second term of three years. Following that term, again upon approval by the Board and with the member’s consent, members may serve a third term of two years.
If you would like to nominate someone to, or be considered yourself for Parkway Playhouse board membership, please contact us at info@parkwayplayhouse.com no later than October 15, 2017.

Spotlight on Jenny Martin as Muriel

I’m sure Ms. Jenny would agree that we’ve saved the best actor profile for last.

jenny web.jpg

PP:  Tell us a little bit about the character you’re playing. What’s her romantic story?

Jenny:  I’m playing Muriel.  She is Henry Bingham’s (Jeff Messer’s), domineering wife whom he refers to as Lady Voldemort–enough said.  I also have an unrequited love for Dickie (Graham Livengood).  You’ll have to watch the play to see if its “requited.”  

PP: Without spoiling any surprises, do you have a particular scene that’s your favorite? Why?  

Jenny:  My absolute favorite is when Justin (Jered Shultz) comes out in his brand new golf attire.  No matter how many times I watch it, it never gets old.  Jered and I have a long history of inside jokes/playful banter/making fun of each other, so it makes it even funnier.
choke train web

PP:  You teach middle school drama, and also for the Parkway Playhouse Junior program… What do you want your students to notice about the performance?  

Jenny:  There are a lot of excellent reactions from cast members to things going on around them, without anyone saying a word.  Honest reactions are so important to good acting.  It keeps the audience engaged in the play–if you’re reacting, they’re reacting.
dressing room web

PP: We understand that you’re the very first cast to use the newly remodeled dressing rooms.  So…. what do you think?

Jenny:  They are AMAZING. I have been working at Parkway on and off since 1997, and they are the best addition that has happened (besides air conditioning)!  The counters are so pristine I didn’t want my makeup to touch them!
Only two more chances to see this hilarious show (Friday and Saturday)… and who doesn’t need a good belly-laugh by the end of the week?

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Spotlight on Jered Shults as Justin

Meet Jered Shults, a “driving force” in the golf comedy The Fox on the Fairway. FORE!

Jered web

PP: Tell us a little bit about the character you play.

Jered: My character is Justin Hicks: a lovable, innocent, and bumbling goof. He loves golf, Louise, and his mother. Justin also has knack for subtle art of origami and he secretly wants to play golf how they did in ancient times.

PP:  What have you enjoyed about working on The Fox on the Fairway? 

Jered:  I have really enjoyed sharing the stage with some really great actors and actresses during the run of The Fox on the Fairway. I have seen everyone on stage before but this is the first time I get to act with most of them. I think my favorite part of rehearsal was just finally getting to know these other great actors and also pitching basic cable movies ideas with Jeff and Graham.
Palmer web

PP:  You’ve acted at Parkway Playhouse before in previous seasons… but mostly in serious shows. What’s it like being in a comedy like this show?

Jered:  I have been in a lot of Parkway Playhouse plays over the years. And it’s true I do have more dramas under my belt then anything else. When I’ve done comedies in the past, I’ve really enjoyed it.  This is my first farce which is a different type of acting, but I loved the challenge and the ability to really be big and expressive.
Only two more chances to see this show!
Fox on the Fairway slider

For tickets call 828.682.4285 or purchase them online.

Spotlight on Myra McCoury as Louise

She’s sure to make you laugh… either on the stage or in real life.


PP:  Tell us a little bit about the character you’re playing. 

My character is Louise, a 20-something -year- old waitress at Quail Valley Country Club and a bit of a bimbo, but in the best sense of the term. She and her love interest, Justin, are always looking for the best in every situation even when they’ve royally screwed up—-which happens quite a lot.

PP:  What do you think audiences will like about The Fox on the Fairway?

I think audiences will love the show’s fast paced energy, the ever-thickening web of relationships between characters, the constant golf jokes, and Kelli Mullinix’s dresses.

ugly crying
PP:  Without spoiling any surprises, do you have a particular scene that’s your

I don’t really have a favorite scene. I enjoy acting the scenes that involve Louise ugly crying, watching the intercom scene between Jeff and Kelli is funny every time, as well as every time Muriel (Jenny Martin’s character) makes a grand entrance.

Don’t miss one of your last three chances to catch this show!FOX FAIRWAY BANNER

For tickets call 828.682.4285 or purchase them online.