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Parkway Playhouse would not exist as it is today without volunteer involvement. You are an absolute essential component of our theater. Our shows transport our patrons to another world, offering them an escape from their everyday life, but we cannot create these magical productions without your help.

Parkway has a dedicated staff, small in number but awesome in ability, who will provide the guidance we need for the Guild. Countless volunteer opportunities are available: Ushers, concessions, production support for opening night and dress rehearsals, transportation, grounds maintenance, set construction, costumes, props, sewing, technology, and Parkway Playhouse Junior support, just to name a few. Whether you have just two hours or fifty hours during our season, we need you as a member! You choose how much time you have to spend.

By becoming a member of the Guild you make the continued success of the Playhouse a reality, but you also get great incentives! The biggest bonus is the family you will be joining and the fun and satisfaction you will get working with your new friends.

We will send out more information soon, in the meantime could you please respond by email to, guild@parkwayplayhouse.comYes I want to help, or Yes I want to help and I would like to help doing…, or Yes I want to help but I have some questions. Once we have an email list of interested members we will follow up with each of you. We appreciate in advance your willingness to help create the Magic at Parkway Playhouse!

Doug Shaw & Deena Bingham
Directors of Parkway Playhouse Volunteer Guild




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Parkway Playhouse is preparing for the opening of their 2016 Season, which will mark the award-winning theatre company’s  70th anniversary.  With over 50 performances and special events scheduled to take place, the theatre’s staff is looking for volunteers who wish to get involved.

With many volunteer opportunities already in place, Parkway Playhouse has added a weekly workshop for volunteers who want to work behind the scenes.  Starting on Tuesday, April 19 and continuing weekly through October 4,  Parkway Playhouse will be open for volunteers aged 12 and over, who would like to work on various projects related to productions including set construction as well as working on projects related to maintaining the theatre’s extensive collection of costumes, props, and scenery. These work calls will be led by members of  Parkway Playhouse’s artistic staff.  There is no need for previous experience or to sign up in advance. Participants should be prepared to  lift up to 50lbs, bring a pair of work gloves (if they like), as well as work clothing.  Participants will be credited in the Playbill for productions that they have contributed to, and will have the opportunity to earn complimentary tickets to performances. All volunteers who participate in the 2016 will be invited to the theatre’s year-end season party.  

Additional opportunities include ushering at performances. Ushers assist with greeting and seating patrons, serving concessions, and answering questions for patrons.  Ushers also may earn complimentary tickets to performances.   Ushers must attend an annual orientation class (even if they have ushered for Parkway Playhouse in the past).  The next usher orientation session is:

bw usher

Tuesday April 19 at 7:00pm, Parkway Playhouse will offer an Usher Training Class.  The class is free, and approximately 60 minutes in length and participants will learn about Parkway Playhouse’s season as well as how performances work. Participants who complete the course will be able to sign-in as ushers for the 2016 Season, and attend performances for free, when they are volunteering. (Please note that if you were an usher in 2015, you need to take the class each year to stay up to date.)   Ushers need to be at least 16 years of age.