Actor Spotlight: Samantha Lebrocq

We’d like to point out to you that there are only two more performances of Godspell!  Oh, man! You cannot turn back time and see a show once this weekend is past!sam godspell med

PP: This is such an ensemble piece. How has it been working with your cast-mates and the creative team?

Samantha: It’s a lot of fun because the cast gets along so well but its also really draining.  I’m an ambivert so I while I love people and being around them I need time to emotionally “recharge” and with rehearsal six days a week, it’s hard to find that time.  When doing an ensemble piece like this you can’t really just come in and do the job; making those emotional connections is part of the work.  But when you’re working with great people it’s easy to bounce back from the times when I’m feeling emotionally exhausted.

PP: I see you go by your own name in the program. Could you expand a little more on your character in the show? Is it based on yourself?

Samantha: Oh it’s 100% me!

PP: This is a very high-energy show. What do you do to keep yourself energized and in peak condition?

Samantha: The rehearsal process has been great for stamina building.  In my off time, I just try to get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, and eat foods that are fueling my body.  It helps to stay active in downtime with fun summer activities.

Join our enthusiastic audiences this weekend.  You could even be a part of our “prodigal audience.”

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GODSPELL july 28 through august 11

Friday, August 10 at 7:30pm
Saturday, August 11 at 7:30pm

Actor Spotlight: Candice Dickinson

She may be the voice singing “Bless the Lord My Soul” but –truly– we are the ones being blessed by her performance!

candice medPP: Tell us a little bit about yourself. We’ve heard your powerful voice, and are curious to know a little more about you.

Candice: Hi!  I’m Candice Dickinson!  I grew up in Asheville and am happy to once again call Asheville my home!  I went to college at East Carolina University (though I spent my first year at Wake Forest) and got a BFA in Musical Theater and Professional Acting.  After college, I moved to NYC where I spent a few years working in the city and traveling to theaters throughout the US to both perform and direct.  The time was mostly spent realizing how much I love directing, how much I love the mountains and nature, and what I didn’t like about NYC and big city theater/living.  I moved back to Asheville about a year ago to put down some roots and see what I can bring to the theater scene in and around Asheville!  I was brought into this production through Dwight Chiles, the director, who I have worked with in the past.  I look forward to lots of adventures and productions in these beautiful mountains, I hope to see you all along the way!

PP: You have a solo song in the production.  What does that song mean to you, and what were the biggest challenges when learning the piece?

Candice: I am singing “Bless the Lord” in Godspell and can’t wait!  The biggest challenge in the piece (besides breath support!) was memorizing the words and attaching actable verbs to this song with lyrics from the Episcopal hymnal.  But as I started to put “Bless the Lord” into my own words I realized I can actually relate to many parts of this song.  The song is about praising God with all of your soul, blessing his name and singing and dancing about it to celebrate.  A few years back I got a tattoo saying “O, Blessed am I, that I may sing!” and it’s there to remind me that the gifts I am born with are a blessing and that we all need to share our gifts and not keep them to ourselves.  Well, I love to sing and I love sharing that gift and this song is certainly a celebration of that!

PP: This is such an ensemble piece.  How has it been working with your cast-mates and the creative team?

Candice: I have really enjoyed being a part of this Godspell cast!  I wasn’t too familiar with the show before getting cast at Parkway but knew that I had friends that had enjoyed performing in Godspell and now I can certainly see why!  The show is very adaptable to each cast and each production is really a product of the director’s vision and the ensembles personalities and ad libs more so than any show I’ve been a part of.  I was on an improv team all throughout college and being in this show reminds me of that incredibly fun and thrilling part of my education.  Each rehearsal has been filled with lots of laughter.  Coming in and being fearless and trying different things each rehearsal, that really creates a great trust and appreciation for your fellow cast mates.  And Dwight is such an amazing, supportive, leader throughout the process.  He is always laughing harder and louder than anyone, getting us back on track when we have gone on a long trail of “what if we did this..”‘s, and sometimes he brings us a chocolate and I love chocolate.

You’ve only got two more chances to see Candice!  (And check out this opportunity.)

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GODSPELL july 28 through august 11

Friday, August 10 at 7:30pm
Saturday, August 11 at 7:30pm


What Audiences are Saying about GODSPELL and a BONUS SURPRISE for our last two shows!

The following unsolicited rave reviews were left on our Facebook page about our production of Godspell — which you only have two more chances to see!

Just want to thank y’all for your brilliant production of “Godspell.” The cast sang like angels, and their acting touched the heart. Loved the way each of them had a special moment or two. I saw the original Off-Broadway production, and yours was its equal in many ways. (And glad that you went with the the recent revival version.) There were a number of laughs, and boy, were there tears. (The good kind!) I do hope that Burnsville residents and visitors, as well as those visiting Waynesville and Asheville make the effort to see this beautifully acted, thoughtfully directed, touching and memorable production.    ~ Ken Jacobs

performance GodspellAND this one:

In two years of living here I had not yet made it to our local community theater, the Parkway Playhouse in Burnsville. Tonight, however, I got an invite by my good friend to go and see Godspell. Now I’ve never had a bucket list of must-see Broadway plays and musicals but even if I had, I’m 99% sure this would not have made the cut.

And while I’m not expert or connoisseur of such matters, I have seen performances on cruise ships – everything from low dollar to top of the line. I’ve seen stage performances in Baltimore, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Naples Italy, London, New York City and probably a few more that don’t quite come to mind at the moment. So when I got the call to go see Godspell at our little community theater I met it with a shrug but knew I would enjoy the company and went along.

Setting foot on an aircraft carrier for the first time, my initial reaction was “I thought it would be bigger.” I took a weekend camping trip to the Grand Canyon. The first night, after setting up camp I went to the crater to check it out. I took one picture, went back to the campground, packed up my shit and spent the rest of the weekend in Las Vegas. I can truly say, in my 40+ years, nothing has ever blown my socks off. Sure, a handful of times – usually on mountain tops – I’ve had my breath taken away but I don’t think I’ve ever uttered the phrase that something had “blown my socks off!”

That said, if such a thing were possible, this would have been that time. This small local theater put on a performance that was so good, so funny, so emotional, I am quite taken aback. Sure I’ve seen movies more than once, seldom at theaters. I have never seen a stage performance that had me wanting to go back. Never. Until now.    ~ James Thieman


Sooo.  Here’s the BONUS

We’ve heard several from people (not just James) who attended the first two weekends who would love to see Godspell again… so we’re welcoming you to be a part of our “Prodigal Audience.”

We have blocked off the last three rows for Friday and Saturday’s final performances of Godspell for what we’re calling our Prodigal Audience.  Come see the show for the second time (we also welcome you to see it for the first time, too) for just $10.  Granted, the ideal seats are in the center section in the front 2/3rds of the house (and those remain full price)… but back of the house seats aren’t shabby.  The last three rows will be General Admission seating, and you may only purchase your tickets at Box Office the evening of the performance beginning at 6:30pm.  It is first come, first served.

So, prepare ye some time to stop by Parkway Playhouse this weekend!

If you’d like ideal seats closer to the stage, you may purchase tickets online, or call the box office at 828.682.4285.  (The above testimony would indicate the experience is well worth the price of admission!)  Again, the “prodigal audience” tickets are only available in person, at the box office, on the night of the performance and are only for the back three rows of the house.
GODSPELL july 28 through august 11

Parkway Players at the 185th Birthday of the NuWray Inn!

On Saturday, August 11, Parkway Players will perform at NuWray Inn in celebration of the inn’s 185th birthday! The performance is scheduled for 5:00 in the family dining room of the inn.


This show was written specifically for NuWray Inn’s event, relating the stories of people who did live in the 1800’s.

244Parkway Players has eight cast members: Ann Berdeen, Bruce Chuvala, Alice Cottrell, Deb D’Aquin, Ralph Hammond, Jay Jacobson, Bunnie McIntosh, and Rose Ray.

Contact Parkway Playhouse for more information about this adult readers troupe and scheduling an event for an organization.

Also at Parkway Playhouse:

GODSPELL july 28 through august 11

Only two more chances to see the musical everyone is raving about!

a get the hook

dial M for wkyk


Actor Spotlight: Allen Law

Don’t be fooled by the disguise beard–Allen is the same Allen we all came to know and love in Boeing Boeing earlier this season.  He has returned!

allen godspell

PP:  How have you approached playing someone as universal and as important as Jesus? Have there been any difficulties?

I guess I haven’t been approaching it thinking of him as the universal and important Jesus.  To me, this show is the first coming of Christ, not his return. It doesn’t have the weight of 2000 years. I’m playing a man who’s principles are clearly represented in this show. A man who believes in universal ideas like love, truth, and kindness. And I hope that the audience will come to hear these ideas with fresh ears. I think this show, directly in comparison with Jesus Christ Superstar, Christ is coming as a messenger and a teacher as opposed to a superstar. 

PP: Do you have a favorite parable?

Favorite parable would have to be the sower of the seeds. It seems like a lot of times people have the right intentions but circumstances don’t let those intentions come to fruition. People end up falling in with the wrong crowd or just end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ya gotta have good roots.

PP:  Stephen Schwartz wrote a beautiful score for the piece. Explain how that inspires your performance in the show.

Allen: Stephen Schwartz is a beautiful composer – people might be familiar with Pippin and Wicked – who has created a score that has been updated since the original 1970s version. We have such talent in the cast and to hear these 10 voices create such a powerful wall of sound is really amazing. However the words we’re saying are 800 years old. Each song – except “By My Side” – is taken from Episcopal hymns. I liken it to Shakespeare, the etymology of the words, these old words, is so incredible.

Only five more chances to see the show audiences have been blown away by.

To purchase tickets, click HERE or call (828) 682-4285

GODSPELL july 28 through august 11

    Friday, August 3 at 7:30pm
    Saturday, August 4 at 7:30pm
    Sunday, August 5 at 3pm (with post-show cast Q&A)
Friday, August 10 at 7:30pm
Saturday, August 11 at 7:30pm

Actor Spotlight: Zacary Landolt

Welcome Zacary Landolt to the Parkway Playhouse family! We were pleased he performed in our very first Miscast Cabaret, too!

PP: Godspell is such an ensemble show.  How does it feel working with this cast and creative team?

Zacary: Working with this group of performers has been such a gift.  It was actually kind of intimidating at first to think of sharing the stage with some of these talented people.  The process has been so fun, and also eye opening to watch performers I admire so much go through the same creative process of building something together.  Everyone shines in this production.

PP: Why choose this show to be your first one at Parkway Playhouse?

Zacary: Godspell is one of those shows that sort of feels like a right of passage for a musical theatre performer.  I had the original cast album as a teen, the vinyl cover hung on my bedroom wall, and I always thought it seemed like a fun show to do.  And to work with this team, seemed like too good an opportunity to not go for.  I’m very grateful for this first experience at Parkway.

PP: Has your own spirituality informed your performance at all?

Zacary: The spiritual aspect of this show definitely made me a little uncomfortable to think about first, for sure.  As a member of the LGBT community, I’ve absolutely faced pushback from certain segments of the Christian church. But what I love about the show is that it’s about the idea that anyone is worthy of carrying the teachings of the Bible and living your life with acceptance and kindness.  We are all encouraged to be our authentic selves, and I love that.


To purchase tickets, click HERE or call (828) 682-4285

GODSPELL july 28 through august 11

    Friday, August 3 at 7:30pm
    Saturday, August 4 at 7:30pm
    Sunday, August 5 at 3pm (with post-show cast Q&A)
Friday, August 10 at 7:30pm
Saturday, August 11 at 7:30pm

Actor Spotlight: Hunter Taylor

It’s a big week for Hunter Taylor. First, he’s heading up the Miscast Cabaret on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he begins his new job as Education Coordinator here at Parkway Playhouse. Then, this Saturday, he has his final Goldilocks and the Three Bears performance at the Mount Mitchell Craft Fair (10am on the stage on the town square).  Oh, and three more performances of Godspell this coming weekend!


PP:  You have a solo song in the production. What does that song mean to you, and what were the biggest challenges when learning the piece?

Hunter: My solo piece is a wonderful song called “All Good Gifts”. It is a beautiful ballad, and I really feel like I get to showcase the best of my voice. It is a hard piece, and I had to start working on it several months ago with my voice teacher to make sure I had to time to work t into my voice and feel as comfortable as I could with it. The song has a gorgeous melody and lyrics that really speak to me. It is talking about how grateful we should be for all of the gifts God has provided for us. Sometimes we need a reminder, at least I do, that even though there are terrible things happening in the world, there are even more wonderful things that we often take for granted. In addition to singing the lyrics in English, I also get the chance to sign in ASL. It has been really exciting to learn the song in a totally new way, and I think that the result is very powerful.

PP:  Has your own spirituality informed your performance in any way?

Hunter: I grew up going to church very frequently, and once I entered high school, I went every single week and sang in the sanctuary choir, played hand-bells, attended youth group, the whole thing. I love church, and I love being close with God, as it gives me a sense of peace and security. A big reason why I did this show was because it was so close to me. It hits home on a very spiritual level, and on a very personal level. It was my late grandmother’s absolute favorite show, and it became “our show,” so each time I perform the piece, or even listen to it, I feel closer to God, and closer to her. Be sure to come see the show and take bets on how many time I cry (hahaha).  You will probably walk out a richer man!

PP:  I see you go by your own name in the program. Could you expand a little more on your character in the show? Is it based on yourself?

Hunter: Yes! At the beginning of the process Dwight, our director, told us that we would be using our own names. In the script, each character is listed by the names of the actors who were in the most recent Broadway production, so by using our own names, it makes it all that more personal. The character of “Hunter” is in fact myself. Everything I do onstage during this show is what I would do. Every reaction is genuine, and every instinct is one I would make. I think that it is such a cool thing to be able to drop all pretenses and just be myself onstage; I don’t get to do that very often. Dwight also said to look in the front of the script to see what the characters were “supposed” to be like, and to the cast’s amazement, the character description for each of us was surprisingly accurate to our own personalities, so that made it even easier to connect to the material!

So, wish Hunter well this week and come see him in something! You’ve got 5 chances!

To purchase tickets, click HERE or call (828) 682-4285

GODSPELL july 28 through august 11

    Friday, August 3 at 7:30pm
    Saturday, August 4 at 7:30pm
    Sunday, August 5 at 3pm (with post-show cast Q&A)
Friday, August 10 at 7:30pm
Saturday, August 11 at 7:30pm