Write For Us

…for our blog, that is.

What we’re looking for:

  • Good quality writing that does not need to be heavily edited.
  • Short posts between 300-500 words that include at least one good quality, engaging image.
  • An upbeat, energetic tone that focuses on the positive (while being honest).
  • We are open to middle and high school student submissions.
  • Links, when applicable.
  • Catchy, compelling titles.

Posts We’d Like (& Deadlines)

  • Profiles on quilters, our Quilt Trails, quilt guilds (due by April 10)
  • Profiles/Pieces on  local painters & artists (perhaps take/use a photo of one of their pieces and answer the question “What do you see?”) (due by August 1)
  • Profiles on Glass Blowers/Artists (due by September 1)
  • WHERE ARE YOU NOW? for Parkway Playhouse Alumni
    1.  Send us your latest headshot (please include photo credit so we can too) and a photo of yourself in a Parkway Playhouse production.
    2.  Send us a short description (300-500) of your accomplishments and what you’re doing now – and/or – a brief reflection on how your time at Parkway helped you get where you are today.
    3. Please be aware what you send may be slightly edited (for length and the family-friendly nature of our blog).

Other Ideas:

In 2015 we want to broaden the perspective of our blog. While we will still post a lot of content about what’s going on at the theatre, we want to invite profiles of other area attractions and arts/artists so that visitors to the area know how to make a day out of their trip to Burnsville.

  • Locally owned restaurant profiles (please do not write about your own business, though)
  • Profiles of artists/galleries
  • Favorite parks or hikes
  • Profiles of other non-profits and organizations that help our community thrive.
  • Write-up of events such as Riddle Fest, Old Timey Days, Barbeque and Bluegrass, Fire on the Mountain, TRAC’s Studio Tour, High School & Middle School performances (especially ones with Parkway Playhouse Jr. performers in them)
  • Top five lists (i.e. top 5 places to get ice cream, top 5 antique shops, top 5 B&Bs, top 5 places to go with kids under the age of 5)
  • If you’ve got another good idea, email us and let us know.
  • Can’t think of who to profile? Check our list of sponsors or businesses in our playbill. We’d love pieces on them. In fact, we will always give preference to such profiles. And we are unlikely to promote events that happen simultaneously to ours. Call us crazy.


  • Sorry, it’s not monetary.
  • However, at the bottom of the post, we’ll include your photo and a 100 word “Contributor’s Note” with a short bio and link to your own website, favorite organization, or business.

Send in your blog post:

  • Send in your blog posts as soon as you’ve written them, but know we will stockpile them and slate them for steady release throughout the year.
  • Email them to Mary Katherine Smith-Gall at mksmith@parkwayplayhouse.com with the subject line: BLOG SUBMISSION (subject of blog post)

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